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15 Christmas Promotions for your Salon

Christmas bells are ringing!

It’s nearly the festive season when people look forward to their salon and spa visits, grooming themselves and looking their absolute best for the big day.

Christmas is a great opportunity to increase sales for every salon owner.

If you are a salon owner, this can be a great time to rethink your marketing ideas to leverage Christmas and the holiday season.

December is a great time to bring more clients to your salon and keep the appointment book full before and after Christmas.

You just need one thing- Christmas promotions.

Obviously, people love a good promo!

Your salon marketing goals for the Christmas period should be to:

  • Attract more clients.
  • Make more retail sales.
  • Increase client spend during the Christmas season.
  • Encourage client visits during the New Year slump in January and February.
  • Boost the reputation and awareness of your salon brand locally.

We’ve laid out 15 promotional ideas to give you a little inspiration that you can implement in your salon to kick off your Christmas and festive marketing.

1. Offer a Service + Best Christmas Selfie

Run a competition on your Instagram and/or Facebook page where your clients post their picture/story and tag in your salon. The winner will get an exclusive discount on your service/product.

You can use social media, your website, newsletter and in-salon posters to let your clients know about the competition and build buzz around this special promotion.

2. Two for One Christmas Deals

Many people buy on impulse if the deal is right and so a two for one deal is always a good idea around the festive season. People absolutely love this idea and tend to grab them fast.

You could create a package including two services for the price of one or have a mix and match that people could choose from to personalise their deal or you could get creative and let your two for the price of one be one for the client and one for their friend.

If possible, they could get their treatments together and make it a BFF visit together. This promo also works well for products or a mix of products and treatments.

3. Offer a Discount or Freebie for Bringing a Friend

This promo is similar to the two for one deal. However in this case you simply offer a discount, free product or free treatment for your client who referred their friend.

We always think it’s nice to also give the friend something too – and often a discount on their ‘next’ treatment is a good idea to encourage them to rebook and secure them as a regular client.

4. Buy One, Get One Service/Product

If you want to get rid of products from your inventory, this is always a brilliant idea. Try to find popular (and impulse-based) products then add the product you want to move and package them up for a special price. You might decide the product you want to move can go for free, but only if the other product can carry the cost.

5. Offer a Christmas Special Discount

Who doesn’t love a discount? Offer a small discount on your products/services (like 15% off) or even a crazy discount (like 30%) to encourage your loyal clients as well as potential clients to spend some cash.

You could specify the discount for certain treatments or you could give the discount only on certain days and times – a bit like a flash sale that catches the eye of someone looking for a good deal but also in need of the product or treatment on offer.

If it’s a new client, it’s your job to convert them into an ongoing client. You could offer them a discount on their next treatment if they rebook before leaving.

6. Create a 12 Days of Christmas Promo

This can be a fun promotion and involves 12 deals run over 12 days. Every day you offer a new promotion of some sort and that deal is on offer for one day only.

Clients love this promotion and look forward to what the deal of the day will be. It takes a bit of planning and promoting but it’s well worth the effort when you start to see the momentum (and sales) it can generate.

This is a great promotion to run in conjunction with other local businesses and doing that will help you pad out your 12 days with different and interesting offers and gives you exposure to the clients and customers of the other businesses you partner with.

7. Christmas Gifts Packs + Offer Free Gift Wrap

If your clients buy a product (or two) as a gift, offer them a free gift wrap service. It’s a small promotion but a big saving of time for your clients that won’t cost you much.

You can also bundle a Gift Certificate in with your gift packs and if you have some small and low cost ‘impulse-buy’ products at your reception, you might be able to upsell a small addition to the gift and add a few dollars to the sale.

8. Gift Hampers

Quite often suppliers will release festive season gift packages. These can be lucrative but so too can gift hampers that you design for your clients and their needs. Not only do they make great gifts, but your clients will appreciate a great ‘deal’ for themselves around the festive time.

9. Promotional Packages

An in-salon promotion is always a winner and what better way to treat your clients (and make money) than to package up some treatments and/or treatments and products into one bundled price. Clients love a good deal and so too will your salon bottom line.

10. Retail Extras

It’s always a good idea to stock some value-add extras and have them sitting on your counter as a last-minute impulse buy. People spend in the festive season and often a ‘retail extra’ can make the perfect gift for someone or a stocking filler for another. Be sure you have a mix of quality and value.

11. Gift Certificates

Giving the gift of beauty is a no-brainer and a great opportunity to build your clientele. Encourage your current clients to buy for their family and friends and when their loved ones redeem their treatment, it’s your chance to rebook them and convert them into a regular client.

12. Product Check

This one is another no-brainer. If your clients buy products from you, be sure to check if they need to buy today or order before their next visit.

If you have a system in place, you’ll have a record of when they purchased and when you expect they will need to replace their supply. Not only does a system like this show you care, but it makes things easy for your client and that builds loyalty.

13. Give Christmas Gifts to Your Loyal Clients

Your loyal clients are key to the success of your salon so why not give them a special Christmas gift to show your appreciation for their ongoing loyalty.

Give them candles, an ornament, a diary, a product or service (anything you like) and wrap them with Christmas themed gift papers, and don’t forget to put a personal thank you note inside. They’ll absolutely love it – and you!

14. Encourage Your Clients to Book Appointments in January and February

December can be a crazy month as people get their beauty treatments done for Christmas Day. The month of January and February can be quiet following the Christmas and New Year rush.

Leverage your festive season promotions by encouraging clients to book an appointment in January and February. Offer exclusive discounts or promotions for the start of the New Year.

This will help you fill your appointment book in advance. Offer a promo that is buy now but use in January or February to get the deal.

15. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

There’s no better way to increase your revenue (while also helping your clients achieve their beauty goals) than to offer them products and/or treatments that are additional and/or complimentary to what they have booked in for.

Look for the opportunities ahead of time and while they are on your treatment bed. Check out our marketing tip on what you can do to up-sell/cross-sell.


We hope these 15 promo ideas will help you leverage the festive season and get the tills ringing. Be sure to plan your promotions in advance and have your staff be fully aware of what your deals involve and all the terms and conditions. Good luck and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or would like some inspiration for promo ideas

Be sure to get in contact with us if you have any questions, comments, thoughts or ideas that you’d like us to blog about.