Have you ever sat down to write a post for Facebook or Instagram only to find that you’re staring at a blank screen wondering what to post about next? 😩 🥰

I hear this from salon owners time and time again, so this post will give you the five top tips to make sure you’re never short of content ideas and can have posts and stories online and generating engagement in no time.💪❤️

Set aside time to plan, build, schedule and monitor your social media posts. It might sound obvious but being consistent makes all the difference. Block out time in your appointment calendar and commit to it. ☀️

Create topic categories. Have a master sheet of topic ideas that you can draw on. For example, product highlights, skin care tips, inspirational quotes, treatment highlights, promotions, announcements, in salon before and after pics, client testimonials. This list could go on. 🔥

Create a content calendar. Using the categories from above and keeping in mind your promotions calendar etc, it’s a good idea to plan your content topics in advance and then once you’ve done that, you can use the time you’ve set aside to build the content and schedule it. Creating content a month ahead works wonders. 💥

Decide on your posting schedule. I often get asked how often to post and when to post. My answer is this. Commit to 2-3 posts per week and post them on the same 2-3 days at the same time each week. See how the engagement goes and then decide whether to try different days/times and whether to increase your posting schedule etc. It’s all about test, learn, adjust. 💯

Be clear on who you are talking to with each post and give them one message only. Every post needs a purpose and a specific recipient. What do you want people to think, feel or do as a result of reading your post. And consider, are you reaching out to all your fans generally or are you trying to reach a specific segment i.e., women in their 50’s who are concerned with improving their skin texture. 💫

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