This week I had the privilege of interviewing Kaz Staples, former managing director, founder and owner of Pure Delish – an award-winning company that produces premium breakfast cereals, snack bars, slabs, bites and biscuits.

Kaz recently sold her company following an incredible 22 years in business.

I asked her to share some business tips she’d learned over the course of her business journey.

Something that stood out were her comments around pricing.

“Set your prices from day one and build your business around that price. Strive for excellence and don’t cut corners.”

This is sage advice from Kaz who was awarded a Queen’s Order of Merit for services to the food industry in 2019.

I have often heard my salon clients say to me they are uncertain about what prices they should be charging for their services.

  • Should I undercut my competition?
  • Should I discount my prices to attract and keep clients.
  • I’m worried that if I charge too much that I won’t attract new clients.
  • I think I should put my prices up but I’m fearful I’ll lose my clients to another ‘cheaper’ salon.

The truth is that your clients will pay a premium and stay loyal to you if they feel they are getting value from you.

Value of course if what your clients perceive or hold as important.

It essentially comes down to ‘loving your client’ and putting them at the center of your business – the customer service you provide, the salon experience you offer, how they feel when they’re in your care, how they feel when they leave your salon…the list goes on!

In my experience as a salon owner and in coaching other salon owners, be confident in your pricing and stand by it. You’re in business to be profitable.

“Don’t wait for ‘one day when you’re bigger.’ Play to your margins, be profitable and build a people culture,” say’s Kaz.

That people culture should be built around your staff, your clients, your suppliers and any other business partners you work with.

If you set your prices, stand by them with confidence, provide exceptional value and create a true people culture, then the old adage ‘build it and they will come’ will work for you.

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