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salon social posts not getting results? do these 5 things.

There is no easy way to say this but organic marketing takes time and effort to increase your salon enquiries, bookings and sales.

Social media organic is not just a matter of posting pretty pictures and churning out stories, (although doing that consistently is better than doing nothing at all). It’s about creating a clear plan of action and then sticking to that plan and implementing it every single day.

But you need to be realistic about how quickly you will get results. Social organic is not an instant-return strategy. It’s a planned execution of delivering value content regularly and building and nurturing relationships consistently. It’s a hard graft and it takes time (several months when you’re just starting out) but it’s well worth the effort if you want to get real results.

And the best thing? Social media organic is free. There is no ad spend.The only cost is your time and learning what works and what doesn’t and making adjustments as you go along.

Here are some key reasons why salon owners fail at social organic:

  • You’re not reaching the right people
  • Your posts don’t speak to your audience’ needs
  • You’re not engaging with your followers
  • You’re not tracking and iterating
  • You’re not giving away enough value


Fix these things and you’ll be well on your way to a social organic strategy that works for your salon. Here’s what you want to achieve:

  • More reach and engagement as a result of great posts and stories that deliver value
  • More enquiries, bookings and sales through value content and direct engagement
  • More followers to engage with through a smart hashtag strategy and follower strategy
  • An engaged community of followers who know, like and trust you – and are more likely to convert into clients


Organic salon marketing uses natural, authentic, and value-based tactics to generate awareness, build relationships and ultimately invite people to choose your salon for their treatments.


1. Get Clear About Who Your Audience Is

Your social media is nothing without an audience. What’s more, it has to be the right kind of audience. Who do you want to attract to your salon? Where do they live? (noting that they need to be local to your salon). What concerns are they trying to solve? How will you solve those concerns? How will you make their life easier or better? What are they looking for in a salon such as yours?


2. Get a Consistent Theme

Looking good on social is step one. If your theme (or look and feel) on social isn’t consistent or your feed doesn’t look engaging or attractive, you’ll have a harder time getting noticed by your target audience – clients and potential clients. Your goal is to draw people in for a look around your social media and have them spend time there. If they have a good experience they will more likely make an enquiry or a booking – at the very least they may start following you. So get your look and feel in order and if you need help, check out our Salon Social Media Makeover Plan.

3. Do Some Engagement

An organic marketing strategy doesn’t just mean broadcasting content. It’s about building relationships with people so that they come to know, like and trust you.

Do you respond to every comment or only some of them? Do you comment on your followers’ posts? How quickly do you respond to direct messages? Do you comment or react to posts that tag your salon? How do you respond to negative comments? Do you follow your followers back and reach out to them and start a conversation?

Engagement is what turns your social media platform into a community. Think of it as laying the groundwork for future clients and their loyalty once they become a client.

4. Create Content That Your Audience Wants Or Needs

We’ve all heard the saying that content is king – it’s true! Create content that is useful, relevant, and answers your audience’s problems and concerns. If you do, you’re halfway to an enquiry, booking or sale.

To create content that your audience wants to see, you have to know what they’re looking for. Understanding your audience allows you to tailor your content to meet their needs, preferences and interests. At the same time, it addresses their challenges and concerns, guides them towards solutions and ultimately into your salon.

5. Mine Your Competitors’ Content for Inspiration

You should absolutely be doing targeted, continuous research of your competitors. This is a great strategy for inspiration – not for copying – and will give you some great insights into what your target audience is looking for and how to win them over.

What kind of content do your competitors post? What is their engagement rate? What size is their following? Check the hashtags they use. Check through the comments they get and from the posts that they get them from. What are people talking about? Look for pain points, concerns, requested treatments or products. What questions do they frequently ask?

This research will help you generate content ideas and be sure to do this research regularly – it’s a great source of what’s going on in your market and what your competitors are up to.


If there’s one thing you need to know, your organic marketing strategy is never finished. There will always be new content formats to test, trends to try, followers to understand, comments to respond to, and stories to tell.

The word organic means something that grows naturally. The key word there is “grows.” If your strategy doesn’t change over time, then it’s already dead. You want to keep your presence on the social network fresh, relevant, and interesting.


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