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How Ready is Your Salon For Another Lockdown or Post-Lockdown Recovery?

The beauty industry has experienced an unparalleled economic hit due to the pandemic

Last year saw a 130% increase in business closures (MBIE,, 5 March, 2021).

Research indicates that a lot of those businesses were not prepared for such a crisis.

The Salons we work with have decided to tackle the pandemic downturn head on by creating sales and marketing campaigns that ensure they will be first in line to recover.

These salon owners overcame their biggest obstacle – the FEAR and WHAT IF factor of investing time and money into protecting their salon.

Do you want to pandemic-proof your salon business NOW and be prepared for any crisis that may hit unexpectedly OR will you carry on as you are and hope that things will improve?

Clear Vision

Together we’ll create a clear vision of the ultimate strategy to pandemic-proof your salon and prepare you for any crisis that may strike in the future.

Hidden Challenges

We’ll uncover any hidden challenges and obstacles that may be stopping you from true business success.

Inspired and Motivated

You’ll leave the session feeling inspired and motivated to turn your business into a profitable sales and marketing machine and ready to tackle any crisis or setback.

Join us for a free 20 minute chat over a coffee and lets do a health check on your salon business.

Will you be a like other salon owners out there who are taking serious action to protect their business future OR will you sit and wait for success to find you and hope you survive another unexpected crisis to strike?

See you in your salon soon.