The busy festive season is a great opportunity to get your till ringing with Christmas joy.

Why not maximise this time with these seven simple marketing strategies that will increase your revenue!

  1. GIFT CERTIFICATES: giving the gift of beauty is a no-brainer and a great opportunity to build your clientele. Encourage your current clients to buy for their family and friends and when their loved ones redeem their treatment, it’s your chance to rebook them and convert them into a regular client.
  2. GIFT HAMPERS: Quite often suppliers will release festive season gift packages. These can be lucrative but so too can gift hampers that you design for your clients and their needs. Not only do they make great gifts, but your clients will appreciate a great ‘deal’ for themselves around the festive time.
  3. PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES: An in-salon promotion is always a winner and what better way to treat your clients (and make money) than to package up some treatments and/or treatments and products into one bundled price. Clients love a good deal and so too will your salon bottom line.
  4. UP-SELLING & CROSS-SELLING:  There’s no better way to increase your revenue (while also helping your clients achieve their beauty goals) than to offer them products and/or treatments that are additional and/or complimentary to what they have booked in for. Look for the opportunities ahead of time and while they are on your treatment bed. Check out our marketing tip on what you can do to up-sell/cross-sell.
  5. REBOOKING: This one should be a no-brainer. If you’re not asking your client to book their next appointment, then you’re letting money walk out the door and you risk losing a client to another salon. Just ask the question. If you don’t, you’re doing your client (and your salon) a disservice.
  6. PRODUCT CHECK: This one is another no-brainer. If your clients buy products from you, be sure to check if they need to buy today or order before their next visit. If you have a system in place, you’ll have a record of when they purchased and when you expect they will need to replace their supply. Not only does a system like this show you care, but it makes things easy for your client and that builds loyalty.
  7. RETAIL EXTRAS: It’s always a good idea to stock some value-add extras and have them sitting on your counter as a last-minute impulse buy. People spend in the festive season and often a ‘retail extra’ can make the perfect gift for someone or a stocking filler for another. Be sure you have a mix of quality and value.

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