7 Tips To Get Your Salon Till Ringing This Festive Season

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7 TIPS TO GET YOUR SALON TILL RINGING THIS FESTIVE SEASON The busy festive season is a great opportunity to get your till ringing with Christmas joy. Why not maximise this time with these seven simple marketing strategies that will increase your revenue! GIFT CERTIFICATES: giving the gift of beauty is a no-brainer and a […]

Make Your Salon Profits Soar This Summer

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MAKE YOUR SALON PROFITS SOAR THIS SUMMER If there is one thing you can do for your clients this summer (in fact all year round), it’s to insist they use sunscreen. Quite often it’s a reminder to your clients about the benefits of why a quality sunscreen is an essential part of their skin care […]

How To Set Your Salon Pricing With Confidence

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HOW TO SET YOUR SALON PRICING WITH CONFIDENCE This week I had the privilege of interviewing Kaz Staples, former managing director, founder and owner of Pure Delish – an award-winning company that produces premium breakfast cereals, snack bars, slabs, bites and biscuits. Kaz recently sold her company following an incredible 22 years in business. I […]

How To Stay Sane In The Busy Festive Season

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HOW TO STAY SANE IN THE BUSY FESTIVE SEASON In the lead up to the festive season, there is a manic rush of clients to get their beauty treatments done before the holiday break. There are four things at play during this busy time: You need to look after you You need to look after […]

4 Simple Salon Marketing Search Strategies: Get Found Online

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4 SIMPLE SALON MARKETING SEARCH STRATEGIES: GET FOUND ONLINE Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any salon looking to be found online when prospective clients go searching on Google for your business. Google rewards websites that have been optimized for the web by moving those websites up in the search listings – the […]

Upselling & Cross-Selling In Your Salon With Confidence

UPSELLING & CROSS-SELLING IN YOUR SALON WITH CONFIDENCE I often hear salon owners tell me they (or their staff) lack confidence in upselling and/or cross selling to their clients for fear of coming across as too pushy or sales driven. What if my client feels uncomfortable and then decides not to come back? What if […]

How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan That Gets Results

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HOW TO CREATE AN EFFECTIVE MARKETING PLAN THAT GETS RESULTS With summer fast approaching, many salons will be brimming with clients seeking their summer beauty treatments so they can enjoy the beach, social occasions and general well-being. But what can you do when the festive season is over and client bookings start to taper off […]

Three Ways To Improve Your Salon Business

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THREE WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR SALON BUSINESS I was talking to a salon owner recently and she asked me, “how do I improve my salon business?” As a Salon Marketer, I found this a big question to answer but when I thought about it, I was able to boil it down to three simple things. […]

Find a Cool Name For Your Salon

WHAT’S IN A NAME? When it comes to naming a newborn baby there are countless books written on the subject and entire websites devoted to the topic. New parents write endless lists of options and sometimes the debate continues right up to the end of the nine-month arrival. But what about naming your business? It […]

Purpose Built Salon Marketing: Let’s Do This Together

PURPOSE-BUILT SALON MARKETING Hi, my name is Kirsten McHarg and I created Savvy Salon Marketing for you – a salon or spa owner who wants to do better in business through marketing that works. Let’s face it, many of us in the salon and spa industry want more clients; we want them to be loyal, […]