There is no doubt that salon owners (and their employees) are suffering financial strain as government legislation around COVID-19 continues to keep salon doors closed.

Some salons will re-open in a matter of weeks. Others will have continued uncertainty well into (or even beyond) July.

The post-pandemic landscape in the beauty industry could remain uncertain for some time.

Further outbreaks may set us back. It may take some time for confidence to return and clients to feel at ease with no longer needing to observe social distancing.

I have seen many posts and articles online from beauty associations and industry leaders providing guidance and comfort to the industry.

I have also seen many salon owners taking the COVID-impact in their stride and finding innovative ways to stay connected to their clients while in lockdown.

I have sadly seen others become derailed and unsure about what to do next. There is no shame in this. We are in unprecedented times.

Adopting an action-oriented mindset amid challenging times is no easy feat – but it’s doable.

David J. Schwartz, a motivational writer and coach, best known for authoring The Magic of Thinking Big, coined the phrase, action cures fear.

There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with setting a plan, putting it into action and making things happen.

It gives us a sense of control over something that has not only threatened us but has taken away our sense of power.

If action cures fear, then here are three strategies you can put into action today.

You may have been doing these things already and if so, keep up the good work. If not, then it’s never too late to get started.


1. Stay Connected to Your Clients While in Lockdown

Staying connected to your clients will not only pay dividends to you in the long run, but it will reaffirm to your clients that you genuinely care about them and value their support in you and your salon.  

This blog post, 12 Strategies To Keep Your Salon Alive During Covid-19, is packed full of ideas to get you started today.

2. Continue to Offer Promotions to Your Clients

It may sound contrary to offer your clients a promotional offer when you are ‘closed’ and can’t physically trade. But that doesn’t stop you communicating with your clients via email and social media.  

There is any number of promotions you could offer your clients – consider a ‘post-pandemic’ or ‘welcome-back’ promotion.

This blog post, How To Develop A Winning Salon Marketing Promotion, outlines the eight components you need to include to ensure a successful salon promotion.

3. Don’t Forget The Power of Google

Being found online is a powerful marketing strategy, which if done right, can see your business soar in the search rankings when a potential client goes searching for a salon in your area.

This blog post, 4 Simple Salon Marketing Search Strategies:  Get Found Online, outlines four simple and effective SEO techniques that you can do today to help your salon get noticed online and climb the search rankings.

If you’ve been stuck in fear or anxiety about your business during this pandemic period, then remember to be kind to yourself. We’re in unchartered territory and that is not easy for anyone.

Take baby steps, one foot after the other. The momentum will build. Small steps lead to significant achievements.

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